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Teen Psychologist

Smaller Class Sizes

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SGS Create class sizes are smaller than school. Our team understands how to get the best out of our learners with tailored teaching to match individual needs.

Dress Code 

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We value individualism and unlike most schools we do not have a uniform. We want learners to be themselves, to be comfortable with who they are and be free to express themselves through what they wear

Parent Partnerships

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We understand how important the supportive relationships with parents, carers and families is to our learners success. We place engagement with families at the heart of our work.

Learning Support

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Curriculum Support

All learners will be supported academically by classroom teachers and our team of HLTAs. Tutors will also provide support during the September transition period and work with teachers and families to provide information and feedback on how learners can make progress. 1:1 and small group work will be implemented to ensure learners are able to reach their full potential.

Emotional Literacy

SGS Create recognises learners achieve better in education if their emotional, mental and physical health needs are understood.  Each group of learners will be supported by a tutor who will work collaboratively with teaching staff and other members of the team to support learners' emotional literacy. SGS Create will also work closely with our wellbeing mentor and wider SGS College wellbeing team. Our SENDCO will oversee this critical element of SGS Create’s educational support. 


Academic Independence

Specialist support is available and provided on an individual basis, outside of lessons. Each session is tailored to suit individual needs and at a time that slots into the learners’ college timetable. Where appropriate, SGS Create learners will be referred to the English and Maths Skills Development Team for Exam Access Arrangements, assignment, literacy and numeracy support

Additional Learning Support EHCP

If your young person has an EHCP you need to let us know as soon as possible. Our team will meet with you and assess your support needs to make sure you get the right support in college.

  • In Class support

  • Out of class assignment support

  • Support during unstructured times

  • Extra help for literacy and numeracy

  • Small group lessons

  • help with transitions

  • Speech & Language therapy

  • Communication support

  • External mentoring

This is subject to SGS Create responding to the EHCP consult and being able to meet your needs

Support Group
Support Group

Wellbeing Support

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Wellbeing Support 

Studying at college brings a wealth of opportunities and challenges. Alongside your studies, you’ll be managing day-to-day life. As a learner at SGS College, we want you to get the most out of everything that life here has to offer.   

Everyone needs help sometimes and we have a team of professionals on hand to help work through any difficulties.  We aim to provide integrated, professional, learner-centred services which offer information, advice, guidance and support to enable every learner to develop and achieve their full potential. 




College Counselling Service 

SGS Create learners will have access to the free confidential counselling service. It offers a chance to explore any issues that learners may have, in a confidential environment enabling them to enjoy their time at college. 

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